Make Your Yard Easier To Navigate

Make Your Yard Easier To Navigate

Install outdoor stairs in Dix Hills, NY that will last for years

Does your yard slope? Do you have a raised patio or deck? Climbing hills can be a tripping and falling hazard, especially after it rains. Make sure you always have solid ground to step on by installing outdoor stairs in your yard.

Ecotech Building can build steps around your property or leading up to your house. We're experienced with all kinds of masonry and can work with brick or concrete to match the look of your home.

Contact us today to schedule outdoor stair installation services in Dix Hills, NY.

The benefits of masonry services

Brick and concrete stairs provide more than just safety benefits. Choose masonry for your stairs because...

  • Brick and concrete last for decades with minimal maintenance
  • You can customize your stairs with a unique, attractive pattern and design
  • We can install stairs anywhere you need them on your property

You'll be able to give your house an elegant entrance and make it easier to move around your yard safely. Ask about your options when you call our mason at 866-732-6832.